23 Juni 2007



Rebel shockin’s career started in the middle of 2003 when Siwe (Vocalist), Toro (Bass), Hper (Guitar) & Dedi (Drum) agreed to create a NU Metal band group, REBEL SHOCKIN. Since 2003 the band has participated to the crowding gigs was attended by the mainstream bands only. Yogyakarta as the hometown is not the only witness of REBEL SHOCKIN’s music but also some other cities in Java. Like the other bands diseases, this band also had changed their crew. Crowded sound from the Drum Department cause they still use additional player until nowadays.

Rabble Shockin was the 1St name for the band but because of the changing crew, it finally became REBEL SHOCKIN that still had the same meaning with the 1St name.

Because of their love to Rage Againts The Machine, it influenced their sense of Music. The tracks such as "Perang" & "Voteless" that they give in their CD demo extremely told about it. From musical side, Their lyrics not only contain of social and political issues but also about the reality of human life. As a plan, one of their songs will be followed in Compilation Album in which the place of the best creation from all of independent bands in yogyakarta. Yeeeaaaahhhh…. We’ll wait. Shock ‘em all REBELLll!!!!.

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